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Welcome to the world of gardening. It is something more than a hobby, we assure you; it is an essential part of living. Our ancestors always cohabited with plants. Is it little wonder that we also like to do the same with our indoor and outdoor plants. So, our bond with plants is quite genetic. If you already have a garden and are fond of plants, you know the joy the plants bring. If you are starting afresh or are now more serious, you will soon discover that these endearing wonders of nature are a joy to rear. Plants have a way of becoming very intimate with their growers. Having plants in and outside your house adds a specially warm and cheerful ambience to your home. Caring for plants definitely has a therapeutic effect. In the school of colour healing, green has a harmonising and soothing effect on human minds. And the dancing colour of the flowers can make anyone's heart sing. One has only to pause and look. Such is the power of plants and flowers that even paintings, pictures and silk plant imitations impart a sense of beauty. But as a gardener you can delight in the real thing.

As with any nurturing relationship, plants need care, love and understanding. And this web site is intends to be your guide to make this love affair with plants richer and more rewarding.

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